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Ludwig van Beethoven - Piano Sonata No. 17 The Tempest in D minor, Op. 31, No. 2 - III. Allegretto

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girls masturbate girls grow body hair girls have stretch marks girls get acne girls poop girls burp girls have all normal body functions that men do stop stigmatising all of it im so mad

guys get sad guys can bake guys break down guys want to be held guys cry guys scream into their pillow guys can have a hard time being manly so if you want us to see what you physically do as acceptable don’t mock us for being emotional

I love this

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Five Things You’d Put in a Pentagram to Summon Me

Your vinyl collection is better than mine? Plan B: In that case, what if I told you I give really great head


sorry i only date pokemon masters

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Стасис Красаускас

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The best article of clothing ever ever ever
My sisters old shirt; it’s like I can feel her journey when wearing it

Nobody should ever get into a fight with you wearing those bad boys

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